Hypo guilt be gone

View this post on Instagram Guilt and hypos don’t mix. Hypos are a fact of life living with diabetes. They can be a slight inconvenience, a massive pain, or debilitating, yet the thing that they all have in common is that they require treatment. Food should NEVER carry guilt, and hypo treatment doubly so. So … More Hypo guilt be gone

Make space for us.

So a lot of my rants/ideas/posts are done via Body Posi Betes nowadays, because that’s where the community is for what I’m passionate about! From now on, I’ll share my twice weekly posts on here as well as Instagram and Facebook. If you’re not interested in the intersection of diabetes, body image, mental health, and … More Make space for us.

Diabetes Family

Diabetes Family is a friend waking up in the middle of the night to test your blood sugar, just to check that you’re doing ok after a night out. Diabetes Family is your friends holding your hand over the bar as you cry about being burnt out from diabetes again, and telling you that they … More Diabetes Family

Teachers and Diabetes

I’ve just finished reading Teacher by Gabbie Stroud and it left me crying in a heap at the end of my bed. It is the most simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming account of teaching I have ever read. Stay with me, this pertains to diabetes in school and the new Diabetes in Schools program, I assure you! This … More Teachers and Diabetes

PCOS and me

Diabetes is (mostly) an invisible disease, and often hides out in your body in the company of other chronic conditions (because why have ONE thing wrong with your body when you could have lots, am I right?!). I am a master of invisible chronic conditions – it’s like my body is an Invisibility Cloak, and … More PCOS and me

My friend

My friend died yesterday. My friend was witty, generous, intelligent, kind, resilient, talented, empathetic, and brave. My friend died. My friend struggled with her mental health and also had type 1 diabetes. My friend asked for help OVER AND OVER and got moved from hospital to hospital with nobody having the time or the inclination … More My friend