What is Body Posi Betes?

Who are we, and what do we do? Why Body Posi Betes? Body image and self-love is a struggle for all of us, but when you have diabetes? The dialogue surrounding our bodies and our health is often toxic, judgemental, and disrespectful. Body Posi Betes promotes body positivity within the diabetes space. Body positivity is a simple idea – it’s all about self-determination and making peace with the body you live in. How do YOU feel about your body and your diabetes?

We aim to break down the societal expectations that value certain bodies over others, and that make you feel like you are broken or ‘not enough’. It’s also about accepting ALL other bodies with diabetes, regardless of the unconscious internal prejudices you might possess. Let’s discuss why we feel the way we do about certain bodies, and why those feelings are bullsh*t.

Dialogue within our community can often be toxic, and BPB wants to create a safe place to discuss our obstacles, experiences, and challenges. We are intersectional, and acknowledge the privilege of some and the barriers of others.

We promote health at every size – there is no one way to have diabetes. Low carb, high carb, MDI, pump…whatever works for you is amazing! We come from a place of intuitive eating and movement, as much as we can with diabetes. Sometimes we might have to eat when we’re not hungry (damn hypos!), or move when we’d rather not (pesky highs…), but we want everyone with diabetes feeling empowered in their choices to love and look after their body in a way that works for them.

BPB aims to dismantle this often unrealistic, accusative, and fat-phobic diabetes space one post and discussion at a time, including the dialogue around complications. Fatphobia is thriving in the diabetes space, and often if you’re overweight and have diabetes you feel a huge pressure to lose weight, often at the expense of your physical and mental health in order to gain the respect from others that often comes with thin privilege.

We’re worthy of respect, regardless of our weight or hbA1c. Shame gets you nowhere. Support, positivity, and celebration get you a hell of a lot further

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