Who is BPB?

I’m Georgie, an Australian woman who, apart from having a serious addiction to brunch, books, and reality TV, also has Type 1 diabetes.

This blog started as a personal diabetes blog called Lazy Pancreas back in 2012, two years after my diagnosis. But as I become more involved in the diabetes advocacy community, I realised that my ‘thing’ I was really passionate about was body image, mental health, and the intersection with diabetes. A lot of resources online don’t include us – so I decided to make my own.

My day job is a high school French teacher (which I love!), but in my spare time I like to advocate for our community and spend time with other people with diabetes, sticking our finger up at diet culture and the fatphobia that’s endemic in our community. I work with health care professionals and organisations to try to drum up awareness and action around diabetes, eating disorders, and mental health in our community. My goal is to get you to see your body as just that – a body. Not a moral failure or embarrassment, but an incredible body that (usually) does the job!

I’m also incredibly passionate about mental health and diabetes, and the intersection of language and diabetes. How we talk about ourselves and others has an impact on how we feel, and we need to have an alternative dialogue in this community that’s forgiving and compassionate.

I’m not just all diabetes, so here are five things about me totally unrelated to my lazy pancreas!

1. I have a cat called Lola and I’m low-key obsessed with her. #catmum
2. My musical theatre playlist on Spotify is by far my most played.
3. I love everything to do with language. Linguaphile through and through,
4. I swear like a sailor when I am able to. Buckle in motherf***ers.
5. I read a lot and have two novels in my bag at all times.


9 thoughts on “Who is BPB?

  1. So glad you started a blog! I’m at the other end โ€ฆ just started one too – to help me plug on through looking after my little girl with Type 1. And as you said, my life, and hers, is about so much more than diabetes so I only write about it sometimes, to keep perspective. Look forward to reading more!

  2. Just wanted to say that I think your blog is great. I’ve had diabetes for 6 years and lately it’s been making me feel like crap and, among other things, I haven’t been doing my bloods regularly because I know they’re going to be high so I think what’s the point. I haven’t really spoken to others with T1, but your blog has made me realise that I’m not the only diabetic feeling this way and has also made me want to get a better control of it all again. So, in short, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow, thanks Amy! ugh dw we all go through those periods, I’m going through one right now! You’re welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi, so glad you started this blog! ๐Ÿ™‚
    My wife lives with type 1 and has an insulin pump so our lives are never boring!!
    I will look forwards to joining you on your journey and hopefully learn lots of new ideas etc.
    God bless. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi

    First blog I read which is well written. Me, a survivor, 64, from a major heart attack 8 years ago with six bye pass /cabg and under insulin for type 2 DM, and other medication for BP, Cholesterol, blood thinning etc.

    lows and highs in sugar mere nuisance but managed to remain upbeat and enjoy life with extensive travels including your country and rest of the world. lots of reading, binging like you on netflix, amazon prime on good series like parks and recreation, wire, breaking bad, sopranos,OZ, GOT and so on also lots of music on spotify and photography also interest me. very large collection dvdsi interact with few people who struggle with DM. But in India, in spite of its prevalence, there is no support group and people do not like discussing their problems on health front. DM has been part of my daily existence for almost 40 years and i know how to respect it as well. I guess i will read your blog time to time in days ahead. keep up your good work thru this blog. all the best. cheers. Kumar

    From Bangalore

    in facebook you can look me up sathencheri asthagiri kumar

  5. Yes us diabeters are blessed nobody knows how good we take care of ouselves and you know Who takes care of us too.
    Nice meeting you over this blog .

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